Welcome to my website! Check around my page for information on what i enjoy doing and see about my Dad Michael Hellickson and his many talents. I hope you enjoy this page. Check the categories on the left side of the page to search here.

One thought on “Welcome”

  1. Great job Austin!

    Love your blog!

    I’d recommend changing the font to black on your page links. White on white background can’t be read.

    I’m proud of you for building your own site! Pretty cool accomplishment!

    So glad we share part of our name! When mom and I named you “Austin Michael Hellickson ” we had high hopes, that you have far exceeded!

    We love you so much, and are so blessed to have you and Madison in our lives!

    Thank you for all you do, and who you are becoming!

    BEST SON EVER!!! :)

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